CHALICE was born in March 1998. There is quite a difference between the band back then and what it is nowadays. The only remaining founding member is bass-player Chris Lagrange (ex Iconoclasm).

For various reasons…people joined and people left… few things in life are forever. For some reason however… they always decided to go on.

Different line-ups resulted in playing different kinds of metal but there always was adrenaline, aggression, rage and hate. Musically… they consider themselves a metal band combining melody, speed and aggression. They put different moods in the songs, try to vary playing acoustic, groovy or down- tempo parts. Lyrically… the ugliness of reality is a huge inspiration. Human behavior, religion and personal experiences are just a few of them.

DISENTANGLED, the first MCD, was recorded in October 2002. Itgave room for five songs, including an instrumental.  In March 2006: the band went into the studio again. Their second album was recorded: INNER TORMENT. It had8 songs and again recordings were self-financed. In July 2011, a 3 song PROMO was recorded at the Puurstudio in Puurs. Apart from these studio experiences, highlights were winning the metal battle at the BTM-fest (2009), VELOCROSS (2010) W.O.A. pre-selections (2011) and the JumpRock contest (2012).

Between July 2012 and February 2013, they recorded their fourth release at the MIDAS recording studio. THERE IS NOTHING has 8 songs, clocks over 40 minutes and is very representative for what this band stands for.

5 persons share their passion for extreme music:
vocals: Pieter Dewulf
guitars: Tim De Smedt
guitars: Nicolas Bruggeman
bass guitars: Chris Lagrange
drums: Niels Verbeke

Future will bring CHALICE new tunes, opportunities to rage on stage, lots of money, disappointment  and death. Join them experiencing all of this!